Industry LED Lighting Suppliers

Retail & Grocery Lighting

Properly lighting a retail location is very important for driving sales and customer satisfaction. Grocery & retail stores need to be brightly lit so shoppers can avoid injury, accurately see colors, and remain energized while shopping. ATG products offer superb illumination and accurate color rendering for shopping scenarios. ATG is proud to contribute these qualities to retail chains as their retail Industry led lighting suppliers USA.

LED lighting for grocery and retail stores requires a combination of many different fixtures. Our LED lights can be used for ambient overhead lighting, as well as task and accent lighting. Often in retail stores, directional lights can be used to draw attention to certain items or to banish unwanted shadows.

Schools & Hospitals

One is for learning and one is for healing. Schools and Hospitals are arguably the most essential buildings in our society. Finding proper lighting for hospitals and schools is necessary for their day to day operations. There are many options on the a long list of school and hospital Industry led lighting suppliers USA, but modern facilities are quickly switching towards the use of high-quality LEDs that ATG has to offer. LED lights have been rapidly increasing in popularity since 2010 due to their long lifespan and high efficiency. Updating the lighting in a school or hospital can bring the building years into the future while saving money and time.

Warehouses & Industrial

When one thinks of warehouses and industrial buildings, they are likely to envision workers having to load and unload goods late at night or early in the morning when its darkest. Of course, this time of the day and night can seem dangerous, especially if these spaces do not have proper lighting to ensure worker safety and more. With this in mind, LED lights for warehouses and LED lights for industrial buildings become an obvious must and a worthy investment for any company looking to increase safety, security, and even savings. When reaching out to warehouse Industry LED lighting suppliers USA, ATG is surely to offer you solutions with value that can’t be beat!

Gas Station Lighting

Every car owner has frequented a gas station at some point. Aside from price and desperately needing to fill up an empty tank, there are definitely reasons why drivers choose certain gas stations over others.

So as the proud owner of a gas station, how can you up your appeal to customers? After all, when potential clients drive by, they only have a few moments to decide whether they’re going to fill up at your station—or keep driving and find another. Using LED from Industry LED lighting suppliers USA, you can stand out in the darkest hours.

LED Lighting for Parking Lots

It is important for business-owners to take into account their customers’ needs even after they exit the store. Many customers feel insecure and apprehensive when walking through an empty, dark parking lot to reach their car. Suspense movies, childhood nightmares, and common sense has taught people to always be on their guard once darkness falls and they’re alone

Office LED Lights

Though it may not be the first thing your employees notice, having good lighting in your office can greatly improve worker morale and efficiency. Many offices are outdated and dimly lit, which contributes to a sleepy and depressing atmosphere. If your office or commercial building lights haven’t changed in the past 20 years it may be time to consider some improvements!

LED Lights for Manufacturers

LED Lights for Manufacturers

In the past few years, the need for low-energy lighting options has increased drastically – especially when it comes to commercial building lighting and manufacturing buildings. Many companies began to search for lighting that would help increase safety, security, and savings. They needed light that would help them save money while increasing their return on investment. With that being said, they found their solution in LED lighting.

Auto Shops & Workshops

Industry led lighting suppliers USA

When deciding on the type of lights to use for your auto shop or workshop, you want to consider the cost, energy efficiency, and how the light will affect your employees. Auto shop and workshop owners might be tempted to buy incandescent lights or CFLs because they are less expensive. However, the extra money you spend if you choose to buy LED lights will be paid back to you in lower electricity bills and more productive work by your employees.