The products used in the Suburbia Project includes:

• 20,000 iBright™ DLC EPS LED Tube (T8 Bulbs)

• 2,000 iBright™ 2’ by 4’ Eco Panel (Flat Panels)


For over 50 years, Walmart – one of the largest and most recognizable retail brands- has served customers with the highest quality of service and discounted prices both in the United States and internationally. In 2011, Suburbia, a Walmart subsidiary located in Mexico City, Mexico partnered with Comercor in an effort to cut energy costs in addition to saving on maintenance costs. One of the biggest difficulties experienced in the store was the complete shutdown of an aisle in order for an electrician to change out a fluorescent bulb or ballast. The initiative was to replace worn-out fluorescent lighting with eco-friendly, low-maintenance, and full spectrum lighting throughout the store.


Following an initial product evaluation, it was decided that ATG Electronics’ iBright™ DLC EPS LED Tubes and iBright™ 2’ by 4’ Eco Panels would successfully optimize energy efficiency. iBright™ LED Tubes produce a brilliant luminance equivalent to fluorescent lighting while offering an industry-leading L70-rated lifetime of 50,000 hours, which effectively saves more than 50% in energy. The UL listed external power supply was precisely placed outside as iBright™ LED tubes dissipate heat from chip to air quickly and efficiently. Without heat buildup, it offers an optimized and reliable performance. In addition, iBright™ Eco Panels offer an L70-rated lifetime of 94,000 hours with a brilliant luminous efficacy of 90 lm/W that is achieved by utilizing ultra-bright SMD LEDs.

“We were presented with various options based on criteria such as price, quality, and service,” state Suburbia manager. “We reviewed many different products and in the end chose ATG Electronics iBright™ LED tubes for our energy initiative.”


Since the 2011 installation, Suburbia has experienced a greater difference in energy savings with a decrease in maintenance and an overall more satisfied retail environment. ATG Electronics was able to successfully meet and exceed expectations with durable and high-performance products. Currently, every LED tube and Eco Panel installed on the project is in full effect providing outstanding lighting. In fact, Suburbia has experienced only an approximate 1.5% of light loss in the last four years.

“We’re delighted that we provided our service to such a leading retailer,” stated Eric Cai, Vice President of ATG Electronics. “Suburbia is a shining example of how a savvy store can get the benefits from our LED lighting to improve their corporate image and make huge savings in energy and maintenance bills.”


Founded in 2001, ATG Electronics is a nationally-recognized brand in the field of retrofitting conventional lights to LED lights. Its durable, high performance LED lighting products demonstrate the company’s worldwide cutting-edge capabilities in an evolving industry. All of ATG’s energy-efficient products are DLC compliant. ATG Electronics has headquarters in Rancho Cucamonga, CA with two ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities in China. Products are in stock and available to ship from ATG’s distribution center in California.