Nova Flat Panel

Professional environments require a productive balance of visual acuity and energy efficiency. In these use cases, luminaires like the NOVA Flat Panel are ideal. The DLC 4.1 Premium fixture uses an innovative design to deliver top of class luminous efficacy and color fidelity in a superior value proposition. The NOVA has served in offices, schools, hospitals, and community centers to great effect and is one of our best-selling products. The streamlined profile, combined with high performance and minimal maintenance, has quickly gained traction among our customers.

Technical Specifications:

Input Voltage: 120~277VAC
Power Consumption: 30W, 20W, 30W, 30W, 40W
Size (J-box size): 11.81*47.79*2.36 (1.65), 23.77*23.77*2.36(1.65), 23.77*23.77*2.36(1.65), 23.77*47.79*2.36(1.7), 23.77*47.79*2.36(1.7)
Lumens: 3810 lm, 2600 lm, 3900 lm, 3810 lm, 5080 lm
Color Accuracy: CRI 80+
PF/THD: >0.9,<20%


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